David Koglin & Stephanie Goetz

German Professional Champions 10 Dance, Show Dance Couple, Social- and Competitive Dance Teachers based in Munich.

Our Teachers - “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.”

Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet

Our main teachers. Former World Champions. Friends. We work with them since 2013.
Performance | Masculine and Feminine Energy | Musicality | Lead and Follow | "People paid for the tickets, give something back."
2013 Valeri Kehlet Kiev

Hans and Anne Laxholm

Hans and Anne Laxholm are former European and World Amateur Champions. They were the first Danish dancers to become World Champions in the Standard Dances. After many years in the UK, Hans and Anne returned to their native Denmark, and in August 2004 they opened their studio, Dance Academy Laxholm. They were the start of our dancing career back in the Summer of 2010. Forever thankful.
Stay with the left elbow | Go to the left elbow | You need to become free of any teacher | You are on your own, always.
1987 Hans and Anne Laxholm Bournemouth

Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe

Our Latin Teachers. They made our dream of becoming Professional 10 Dance Champions come true. We study with them in Aarhus, Denmark.
Triangular Base, landing before foot.
"You only can win if you do it".
2007 World Super Stars Dance Festival Rumba

Anne and Richard Gleave OBE

Our teachers in Kingston upon Thames (London). We study the English Style with them. The secret is, and I only tell it to you: "You have to dance together".
The Big 4:
Weight | Space | Energy | Time
1979 Richard and Janet Gleave Munich
John Wood and Anne Lewis Foxtrot

Natascha Karabey

Our teacher in Germany. Former World- and European Champion. Her parents run a dancing school in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt, Germany.
Küchenrolle | Pendulum Swing | Metronomic Swing
2020 Domen Krapez and Natascha Karabey Bournemouth

Dmitri Kolobov and Signe Busk

Danish Champions. WDSF World- and European Finalists. Friends. We share the dance journey together since 2012. Their dancing is one of the reasons why Steffi and I continue to practice.
2023 Kolobov Busk Kaunas
2022 Kolobov Busk Prague

Being a part of...

a community that is bigger than yourself and gives you the energy to grow. An environment that enables you to develop in your own unique way. In Buddhism they say only a few can walk the path alone, most people need the sangha to come back to. We never found it in Germany and it was always our missing link. This group of dancers and friends we found in Aarhus, Denmark.

About us

Building our dream step by step.

Our dream was always to reach a great level of freedom in Ballroom Dancing and life in general. We started together in 2010 at the Dance Academy Laxholm in Denmark. Being in Balance with your partner in dancing and life is what we are focus on. In 2019 we reached our biggest success and became German Professional 10 Dance Champions. The same year we also made the final of the WDC Professional European 10 Dance Championship in Helsinki. We are teaching, dancing shows and also work in the theater. We are specialised as dancers and teachers in Old Time Dancing. Our famous Show in that style is "Where we came from...". Since Summer 2023 we are teachers of the Bundeskader Ice Skating and Ice Dancing, coaching them in the field of Ballroom Dancing. We are based in the beautiful area of Munich, Germany.

If you don't take it serious it is not fun - If you take it serious it will break your heart. So just play the game.